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Recent project update

Some recent projects we completed are worthy of comment:

Query tuning and performance optimisation

We identified some very interesting tricks for tuning queries where the existing indexes are less than optimal, and even developed some useful utilities to guarantee success. Applying these concepts cut one customer's billing process from 2.75 hours down to 20 minutes! In other cases we have measured performance improvements of over 200 times!

Openedge (version 10) upgrade

Another project involved the upgrade of a ADM2 GUI application from 9.1D to 10.1B. This project demonstrated that Progress have made dramatic strides in database performance. The following figures were achieved on a 3 year old single processor W2003 server with a 1.3Gb database (38 million records)

 ProcessTime 9.1D
Time 10.1B 
 Full Data Dump - Data Administration tool
16 min
 6 min
 Full Data Dump - Binary proutil
 6 min 3 min
 Full Data Dump - Binary proutil (1)
  1 min
 Full Data Load - Data Administration tool
  210 min
 Full Data Load- Binary (2)
  9 min
 Full Index rebuild (2)
  6 min
 Full Data Load- Binary (1,2)   3.5 min
 Full Index rebuild (1,2)
  3.5 min

    (1) After migration to mirrored and striped disks.
    (2) type II storage areas

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