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The Progress 4GL is the programming language at the heart of the Progress database system.  From fairly elementary yet elegant beginnings the language has developed through 9 versions and now includes a rich panopoly of features that include GUI capabilities and object-oriented constructs.

In version 10 it was rebranded as the OpenEdge ABL (Advanced Business Language) but whatever it is called it still provides a very productive environment for developing business oriented software applications not restricted to either Windows or Unix deployment. (more details more (2) )

Progress ADM2 Print
Progress ADM2 is a methodology/framework for developng windows GUI applications. It offers a modular approach and numerous smart-objects components that can be hooked together to quickly build an application. Like all development tools there are pro's and con's to this approach, and experience really counts when your needs deviate from the common to the more custom.
Progress Webspeed Print

Webspeed is a progress technology that blends access to the database with web presentation. It is ideal for “industrial strength” web sites that have outgrown the limitations of the freeware products such as php and MySQL. With Webspeed your application can scale to support hundreds or even thousands of users.

AJAX autocomplete examples in Webspeed - click to view the video

We have experience using Webspeed and blending it with other current technologies such as ps:escript to separate the presentation layer from the data access layer, and AJAX technology to provide auto-completion lookups to make data entry more easy and accurate.

Please see the this video clip to see some AJAX technology integrated with Webspeed. It shows part of an application used in a contract warehousing application.

Components of this application

Windows Server

Openedge 10.1 database server
Appservers for GUI clients
Appservers for Webspeed (app and autocomplete logic)
GUI report scheduler
GUI application (ADM2/Webclient)

Inventory, Goods Inwards, Despatch, Stocktake, MSDS management
Proof of Delivery Scanning. Weekly Billing, etc

Linux Web Server

Apache web server
Webspeed agents
Freeframework security and session management
Yahoo Autocomplete framework
Dynamic Web menu UI framework (data driven)
Webspeed Application (ps:escript framework)
Delivery Enquiry, Delivery Address Maintenance, POD display, Delivery Order Entry, Stock Enquiry, Report Scheduler Interface, etc


We are noticing lots of hits in our weblogs that combine the terms: ps:escript, AJAX, webspeed, autocomplete, progress 4GL but not too many enquiries - please tell us how we can help you.

WebClient Print
The Progress Web Client is a not so much a client but a system for distributing and maintaining a client application.

Web Client takes a little setting up, and it also requires that the client side application is n-tier compliant , but once it is installed, it makes distributing version updates a snap. Each time a client  session starts, it checks to see that it is running the correct version - if an update is required it seamlessly downloads and installs the required code before starting the application.

If you have a progress GUI application with any more than ten users, we highly recommend you investigate this technology. Everyone we know that uses it absolutely loves it! You can't get a higher recommendation than that.